The pandemic has stopped every single activity and has us tied in our homes. Tourism is the worst affected sector in the economy. It is totally risky to travel in such unprecedented times. It is not advisable to go sightseeing. Or gather in large numbers on public property. It’s almost been a year that all of us are restricted to the four walls of our homes. A little trip outside has turned into a need now.

But with so many restrictions and safety measures you cannot travel and explore places. So is there an alternative? Well, Yes we do have an alternative. Have you heard about a staycation? Staying indoors is the only option. So why not stay indoors but not at home. 

Staycations are the best option to move out for some time and spend time in your own city as a tourist. Staycation offers the best of both worlds- you will be able to go to spend time away from home and also will be safe indoors. 

Let’s get to the point now. Why would one go for a staycation? Answers to this question are simple. This list of top 5 reasons to go for a staycation is tempting enough for you to pack your luggage. 

Read till the very last to understand that staycation is really underrated and you surely need one.


Staycations do not require elaborate itineraries to go about it. It is hassle-free and much easier to plan. You just need to pack the things you require daily. You just need to sort a favorite hotel of yours. Book a room for a few days and get going. You won’t have to wait at an airport for hours to catch the flight. You will save a lot of time. And get a new atmosphere too. It will be more rejuvenating than a vacation.


Staycation has great monetary benefits. Since you will cut off the flight tickets and other expenses, you will be able to spend it on a luxury hotel in your town. And still, save a good sum of money. Transportation costs the most while you travel, so why not channelize that money for relishing your favorite cuisine? This way you will feel content and also save money for future purposes.


When was the last time you sat calmly and introspective about yourself and your feelings? You do not remember, do you? So that clearly shows that you need some time for yourself. Staycation is at your rescue. You will have a lot of time to yourself. You can ponder upon the worrying thoughts. Give yourself moments of peace. And indulge in your favorite activity too. It will be refreshing and you’d feel invigorated later.


With this deadly virus spreading rapidly, you don’t want to touch anything public. So when you opt for a staycation, you are saving yourself from being vulnerable to the virus. The hotels follow all the measures and are sanitized at the required time slots. You will be safe and secure. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy it to the fullest and be carefree. You will have the place to yourself only. So it is actually a winning opportunity for you.


Getting leave from your senior is a task. But if the weekend is approaching you’ve got it all set. With less time in hand, Staycation is the preferable option. You won’t have to rush and see places in a hurry. You will have a peaceful and comforting time. And you won’t disappoint your boss too. This is definitely a great weekend plan. Don’t waste your time at home watching the same old movie at home. Rather, step out and binge-watch the series in your wishlist in a luxurious hotel room.

It is evident that you are enticed to go for a staycation. So, choose a hotel and head over now. The weekend is not too far, by the way.

Let me know in the comment section if I missed out on any!  



The recent pandemic led to worldwide lockdown which was tough for everyone. It affected a person and their business gravely. But the most hard-hit ones were the local businesses. It will take a lot of them for them to revive themselves up. They are not some popular fish in the market that can revive itself through expensive advertising. 

Since this blog is primarily focused on travel, I’d like to jot down a few simple ways by which you can help revive these businesses while you are on the go. These would be generalized tips suitable for everyone. We can surely do our bit and help those in need.

 Let’s make Sustainable tourism the new trend!  


Five-star hotels are sure to be tempting and comforting. But do you want to experience the local essence of the place you are visiting? Book your stay at a local hotel then. They are great at hospitality and you’d feel at home here. If not hotels, there are family-owned guesthouses and homestays that you can choose. You can strike a conversation with the owner and gain real insights about the town. It is assumed that you would feel at home, even if you are not at home. 

This way the local communities will benefit from tourism and you will be able to achieve a different exposure too. In these extremely upsetting times, you may be able to light someone’s home. What’s a bigger blessing than that?


The truth is if you want to taste local cuisine, do not go to a five-star hotel. A local restaurant in the town will serve the most authentic delicacies. They will add local spices and you would get to relish the tinge of that particular culture. The prices would be affordable and you would love it. There is no better way to try a local dish. It would be perfectly made by the hands of a local himself. 

This way the money will go into the local economy and not in the hands of someone who is already on the top. This is what responsible tourism is all about. To revive and uplift the local industry. If you are traveling, try to have at least a lunch or a dinner at some quaint local cafe. 


Who knows the city best apart from a resident? If someone is in your city, you would make sure that you show them around. The same goes here. If you hire a local guide you will get to see the town from his perspective and will also get to listen to a whole lot of stories. They will take you to offbeat spots and would make you try some local activities. You’d be actually exploring the place rather than traveling like a mainstream tourist. 

Paying huge bucks to a foreign-owned tour operator will not be a feasible option. Also, they will just take you to touristy places and you won’t get to see some hidden gems. Local guides will charge a reasonable price and the amount would be precious for him/her. A good start perhaps. 


We are all looking for souvenirs to take back home. As a remembrance of the destination. You will reminisce about the place and memories only when the item would have a personal touch of that place.  

This is where traditional artisans come into play. The items they sell help boost the local economy. They create items from locally available resources and in a way give back to society. Also, their products are real and are genuinely etched to the essence of the place. Buy those products from them. Support them and earn a memorable item in return. Do not haggle much with them because they will only be charging the actual worth. You will also get to meet the artist and learn about their story. The smile on their face will be enough to make your purchase worthwhile.

So, this forms the crux of sustainable tourism. You see, it is very easy but it is often neglected. Now when the world is trying to cope up again, make sure you contribute to it.
Let us all take a pledge to support and cherish everything that is local. We must build a responsible community. And we must ensure that we travel sustainably and responsibly.



Nestled in the lap of the Eastern Himalayas, lies Gangtok. Capital to the vibrant city of Sikkim, Gangtok has emerged out as a strong and serene entity. Scenic beauty stands synonymous with Sikkim. It is a place of spiritual significance. Nature has showered love in abundance to this beautiful city. The whole city emanates a vibe of a hill resort. There are multiple things to do in Gangtok. Right from daunting adventurous activities to relaxing at places with a tranquil aura. Also, this is the most picturesque location in India and it gracefully portrays India’s diversity.

Unarguably, it is an underrated destination. It deserves a lot more appreciation. There are a lot of attractions in Gangtok, but we will churn out the most alluring out of the hundreds. These are the top 5 things you must do while you are on your vacation to Gangtok. You sure don’t want to miss out on the experience of a lifetime.

So, here we go. Buckle your shoes, let’s step into this exquisite city!


Located on the Gangtok Highway, Seven Sisters Waterfall is a tranquil location. Are you looking for a refreshing spot to calm your mind? Head over to the Waterfall. Showcased as a voluminous stream flowing from undulating mountains, is a sight to behold. Standing true to its name, seven different falls are converging into one at the end. The prismatic view of the spot is breathtaking. It is a cascade of steady water. It is majestic and fascinating. 

It is a 40 minutes drive from Gangtok. One can hail a local taxi to reach the destination. The best time to visit is in the months when the sky is dripping showers. That is in Monsoon. The waterfall brimming to its fullest with showers from the sky is surely something one wouldn’t want to miss. 


Slightly away from the city of Gangtok is the Goecha La Trek. It is situated on the outskirts of the city. The prominent reason for taking up this trek is the magnificent view it provides of the Kanchenjunga; the tallest range. This is the best trek to explore Sikkim in its natural raw form. It will be an exceptional experience to walk beneath the canopy of dense forests. 

This is a call for all the nature enthusiasts out there. This trek will satisfy the natural instinct in you and you would be literally on top of the world at the end of the trek. The scenery along the way is precious and the trek is strenuous but worth the efforts. Traversing through the alpine forests, suspended bridges, and watching the sky change its hues on moving upwards is a full-fledged delight. One should consider taking this trip at the earliest. 


Sunset Points have always been an attraction, no matter what destination it is. And anyone does not get tired of watching the sun dipping into the tints of orange. Tashi View Point is an excellent spot to watch Gangtok’s Sunset. It is a vantage point in Gangtok. This place is away from the bustling crowd and car honking. One can attain minutes of peace right here while gawking at the magical sunset. 

Justifying its name to the fullest, Tashi View Point surely offers stunning views of the city as well. The Kanchenjunga also appears massive and enthralling from this point. Make sure to visit the place in the evening only, that is, pre-sunset time. Sunset is soul food. Also, snap some amazing silhouettes too here.


Sikkim is also recalled as the Land of Monasteries. Buddhism and Gangtok go hand in hand. The monasteries are absolutely serene and one can achieve peace there. The Tsuk La Khang Monastery is the most revered place in Gangtok. The exteriors are Royal and the interiors are calm and silent. If someone is looking for peace of mind, they can visit the place and just sit back with no second thoughts. 

It is open to people from all walks of life and faith. One can just relax and soak the serenity of the place. Meditation is a common practice, so one can do that too. It is a must-visit place because of the atmosphere it imbibes and the peace of mind it brings. As one will walk out of the doors, they would feel an upsurge of positive vibes.


M.G. Marg is a paradise for all shopping enthusiasts and foodies. The trip is incomplete if one does not visit here. It is a no-car zone. So people are always walking and storming into different shops and eateries. The street is picturesque enough to snap a picture or two for Instagram feed. It is a treasured gem

A lot of shops are present with a wide variety of items to choose from. It is a great spot to hang out and chill for an evening. All those who are on the shopping spree can get their hands on some unique items. And those who are making their dinner plans can opt for any local restaurant. They serve delectable local cuisine at affordable rates. M.G. Marg has covered everything. 

I’m sure a beautiful picture has been already painted in the minds of one as a reader. If I missed out on anything on the list, feel free to add it in the comment section. 

Or else, head over to Gangtok now! 




Hello readers, Solo Wanderer is back after a pretty long halt.

Better late than never, here I am taking off for my next day’s trip to Paris.

Paris is a romantic poetry that lures everyone to visit it at least once. It constitutes everything right from Business and commerce to culture and entertainment. It has got the most romantic destinations. It is a dreamy city filled with immaculate cathedrals and magnificent museums and of course the OG Eiffel Tower. 

  Paris has a lot to explore but what if you just get a day to absorb the essence of the city of love? That’s where Solo Wanderer comes into play. Since you just have a day, you should visit all those places that quintessentially define Paris. But I have curated a blend of offbeat and touristy places so that you do not miss out on any. And yes, I won’t be listing Eiffel Tower as one because it is synonymous with Paris and doesn’t require a separate introduction.

 Listing top 5 things you must do while you’re in Paris. Take out your journal and start jotting it down!


Have you watched the movie Before Sunset? I guess you would have. A dialogue in the movie states that Notre Dame is one of the most beautiful Cathedrals which would succumb to fire one day. And that, unfortunately, turns into reality. 

Nonetheless, this is a wonderful piece of art and should be your first stop while in Paris. Adopting gothic architecture, this monument stands as a testament to the fact that miracles happen and they are beautiful.

 The exterior is intricately designed. The Interior is stunning too and is etched with stained glass windows. Tourists flock in hundreds to click that perfect Instagrammable picture. 

It would leave you speechless with its flawless appearance.


Le Marais is a brimming neighborhood full of quaint cafes and traditional markets. It is a charming place with steep yet picturesque alleys. It portrays the aristocratic facet of Paris with a tinge of bohemian etched to it.

 It is a stylish place with the best street bars. Also, the mansions are fabricated with gothic architecture that would amaze the historical instinct in you. The streets take you back to the old times. You can shop some souvenirs here and can also try out local delicacies to soothe your taste buds.


Louvre Museum is the most famous spot in all of Paris. I was introduced to Louvre when I read about it in the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It is after reading the book that the urge to visit the museum has increased. It houses a plethora of artworks by renowned artists. The infamous Monalisa adorns the biggest wall here. The elegant glass pyramid at the entrance has become symbolic and stood as the identity of Paris. 

The premises are huge and spacious. You can walk around and admire the sculptures and paintings. To me, it is the most intriguing place with a lot of mysteries imbibed into the structure and its artifacts. You should visit the place to get familiar with the renaissance culture and appreciate art. 


The shopping hub of Paris. The street of Champs Elysees is lined with the finest stores to shop from. It is almost a mile long. The attraction of this place is the french macaron shops that serve the best macarons in the city. It is the most beautiful avenue in the world decorated with Victorian architecture. The avenue has some luxury brands such as Louis Vitton and Tiffany & Co. Some shops are reasonable while some may be high on your pocket. 

If you are a shopping enthusiast, your heart will gladden at the sight of the street. You can shop in the afternoon and sit down at Laduree for an evening treat.


This is the perfect way to end your day in Paris. It will take you on a boat ride on the river Seine and you can admire the city from the waters. It will be a 2-hour ride that would take you around the city through waterways. The cruise is well maintained and is really clean. The staff is interactive and at your service always.

They also offer some mouth relishing champagne and choicest meals for dinner. This is one different way to explore Paris away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The boat glides through the water leisurely creating a relaxing ambiance.


That was Paris for us. It is the city that engraves its name on our souls forever. A day trip to Paris would surely be an amazing idea. And guess what you already have an itinerary at your hand. So what is the wait for? Get your passport and pack your bags! 

Let me know in the comment section, if I missed any!



Hey there! Solo Wanderer is back after a pretty long vacation, to take you to your much desired trip. Ah, I guess the winters are here in India and this is the time to visit one of the best yet less travelled place in India that is Gokarna, Karnataka.

Solo Wanderer is always keen about the less travelled aesthetic places all over the globe because they tend to give you the best experiences and help you attain solitude. I have always been more of a quiet person and serene places like these have a greater appeal on me.

Let’s take the route to Gokarna now…

Geographically speaking, Gokarna is located on the southwestern region of Karnataka. It is known for its Hindu pilgrimage centre but along with that it has the best places to explore and to come closer to the nature. Also, Gokarna is adorned with beautiful sandy beaches where you can relax and experience serenity. It is a small place, less populated but it will make you feel at peace whenever you go there. It has two extremes to it, one being the religious place for all the devotees and another is for the soul seekers who want to let themselves lose in nature’s lap.

Sightseeing in Gokarna is a delight as it has both pristine beaches and also history lauded temples to give you gist of our ancient roots. Beaches here are secluded and with less people around which can give you a lot of time with yourselves and the voice of waves. The aura of this town is really harmonious and calm, it is a good destination to visit after a hectic week of work. It is a versatile place in itself as it offers everything a traveller is looking for.

The Mahabaleshwara Temple is a good place to learn a fair dose of history devoted to Lord Shiva. Any pilgrim who visits Gokarna is bound to go to this shrine first because of its greatness and power. The legend has it that this lingam idol is the most powerful one of all and has a strong belief attached to it. The structure of the temple is massive and with all the ancient carvings which convey the stories of old times. The architecture is intricate with tinge of era fused into it. It is a great historical site to learn and explore.

Gokarna has various beautiful beaches but the main Gokarna beach is a masterpiece in itself. The atmosphere there is really calm and composed, you’d want to lay down and just experience the tranquility at that point  of time.  But during tourist season it is crowded with people frolicking as this beach is nearer from every point and can be reached easily. Other than this even other beaches at Gokarna are a delight to visit and spend time. One of them is the Kudle Beach which is far from the hustle bustle of the town and is always surrounded by less people. It is a serene space to relax in the sand. This beach is rocky as well and  so may take time to reach, but it is surely a sight to behold. It is less crowded and so you can expect some alone time here.

A fun thing that you can do in Gokarna is Surfing. The waves are not so high which makes it easier to surf for begineers. All the beaches are equipped with surfing equipments for your need. Also, there are tutors who can teach the amateurs to surf which makes it easier for tourists. Another trivial thing to do here is shopping from the local shops and stalls. They have regional varieties and souvenirs to cherish your stay in the region.

 All In all, visiting this place will surely turn out to be refreshing and a serene getaway.



France! Known for its City of Love – Paris has way more to it. Apart from Eiffel tower and Louvre Museum, France is encapsulated with surreal beauties you ought to visit.

Solo Wanderer is back with its blog. Here I am listing the aesthetic places of France which are less trodden but deserve all the attention. So here we go, grab your passport!


Annecy is located at the south western part of France. It is picturesque with all snow capped mountains and beautiful lakes. The mountains and lakes combining give an amazing view of the place. Annecy is known to have the cleanest lakes in all over Europe. You can chill around any one of them and absorb nature’s beauty as much as you want.

Apart from this, Annecy’s old town is quite fascinating as well. You’ll find pastel houses along the streets with those cute flower boxes. It is a dreamy place to be. Stop at any cafe nearby and soothe your eyes with the cute scenario.

One more special thing; there’s this bridge called lovers bridge. It is named, ‘Pont De Amours’, legend has it that if two lovers kiss on this bridge, they will stay forever together. So, what are you waiting for? You don’t want to miss your forever surely.


Dinan is such a magical town, the kind you see in Disney movies. It is so pretty and sober that you would want to spend years there. It is located near River Rance, and is one of the walled towns of France.

It is the most gorgeous town I have came across till now. It has the tinge of medieval era which just adds to its Aesthetics. It is sober coloured and so appeals to us a lot. The main attraction here is Waterside restaurants. The ambience is really pretty that you’d want to admire it for hours altogether.

The town is equally appealing with its culture etched to it. You’d find art and craft stores along the route which are intricately carved as well. The museum there introduces us to the essence of its history and the lifestyle.

This town literally can make your Disney princess dream true. Stepping there would feel like heaven, even your normal leather shoe would appear a glass slipper.


Located in mid France it is known for its ample produce, best wineries, rich culture and chàteaux. On your visit there, first place you have to go is Chanonceau it is the most beautiful castle, the sight is to behold. It is an extravagant mix Renaissance and Gothic era.

Try some of the best wines available there. It’d be a treat to your taste buds and you surely don’t want to miss it. They come in different varients and you could choose whatever suits you. Next you can visit cathedrals to learn more about the culture and architectural patterns of their time.

Apart from all the touristy stuff, all you can do is talk a walk around the valley on a sunny day, it’d turn out to be really refreshing and admiring the view will be icing on cake.

• Figeac

This is one of the best and my most favourite town in this list. It is such diverse and vibrant town. It is called City of Art and History.

A stroll around the narrow steep lanes would leave you amazed with its rich heritage. The French Food in Figeac is well known and anyone who visits tries it atleast once.

The remarkable place to not miss is Place Of Writings. The square was designed by artist Joseph Kosuth with Rosetta stone and intricate designs. You have to take a picture there to preserve this in your memories forever. Other than that, go shop at the Saturday market, it is full of life and you get the best things out there. Don’t wait go for this splendid shopping spree and grab everything you can.


It is one of the elegant places to visit in all Europe. If you visit Bordeaux it should just be about wines. They’ve got the best wine there and you really don’t want to miss this one in a lifetime opportunity. The wineries are so beautiful and you should devote a day to explore more and more of it.

After the whole day excursion if you feel like relaxing head over to La Palace De La Bourse, it is famous for its Water Mirror. It is the largest reflecting pool and fun fact; it is UNESCO recognised.

Also the Victory square is embellished with beautiful architecture. It is full of pretty cafes and restaurants, choose any and admire the sight. All in all this place is filled with all the historical aspects, aesthetic aspects and some modern life as well. It is a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and vintage.


It is one of the sacred sites and an important pilgrimage as well. It is a village you’d want to spend lifetime at. It is so calm and peaceful.

The natural environment is so untouched by human race that it appeals us. It is kind of a medieval village. This village is hung on a cliff with river nearby. The houses along the streets are notable because of their architecture. They are very pretty and aesthetic.

The village seems tainted in Browns. The alleys are really steep and you feel at home here. The main attraction of this place is shrine of Madonna and the streets. It is really fascinating. It’s not a big city like Paris but it’s a small hamlet with everything a human desires.


This place is famous for the Cannes festival held every year where all the celebrities gather and hold a gala. But other than that it is less explored and needs more of our attention.

This is much of a modern city, the lifestyle here is quite exquisite. It is a glamorous place to be. It is expensive as well, it has the best of hotels with all the luxury. You also get to shop the best attires and things from market here.

The markets are very colourful and many tourists flock here to buy anything and everything. The Cannes festival is a sight to behold. It is so glamourous and full of life. You get to witness the celebs in front of you and the aura is really cool at that time. It is a welcoming city with its own lifestyle. Even though it is costly, it is worth visiting, atleast once.

So these were my favourite out of the lot. If you know any other place worth visiting, drop down in comment section.




Are you the kind of person who’d read a book and relax near beach side? Are you the kind of person who’d love to play with the waves? Then this one’s for you! Solo Wanderer is back with this amazing blog which would take you on stroll at the most beautiful beaches around the globe.

Grab your slippers and a book, maybe and let’s go exploring!


This is one of the most less explored beaches around the world. It is wild, less touched and not many people wander around here. It is one of the exquisite beaches and people usaully to come here to capture magnificent waves. The air is really fresh and crisp here. The white sand coastline is breath-taking and you feel really alive here. The rock formations are equally alluring to the eyesight.


Here, you can witness the best of Sunset every single day. It has the most alluring sights to behold. It is also known for its remarkable surfing contests that take place all around the year to attract more and more tourists. It is also famous for its Sunset Rip. It has high tides so you need to be little accurate about where you stand and play along. It is a good romantic spot to spend an evening.


This one consists of two beaches and is a secluded part which is calm and serene. The thing which makes this beach special is that you can’t go through road or even air. You have to go by waters, either a boat or swim through. The beaches are seperated through an arch and there are pretty high cliffs for an extravagant view. The arch makes a conch shell sound when wind flows towards it. It is a thrilling experience to reach there but you have to be extra careful of water currents. When reached it is worthy but you need to take extra care and nessecities along with you.


Psaraou Beach is the most beautiful one in the list here. It is enticing and breathtaking. It is mostly crowded because of its view, the crystal clear waters and the water sports it offer. It is quite costly in there but the sight is so aesthetic that you really don’t want to miss it. It is crowded most of the times so it has this big waiting list for you. But it is surely worth the wait. One of the best, modern and aesthetic beach this one is. When in Greece, Psaraou should get a day with you.


The white sand of Aruba is calling you and you ought not miss it. This beach has the most glamorous hotels near it. A stroll near the coast is a sure shot thing to do while on your vacation to Aruba. It is kind of self reflection. The sunset view from here is equally alluring. Also, near the beach the night life is pretty good and wild as well. Don’t miss out on this!


It definitely justifies it’s name, it is a curved shape cute beach that will put you in awe of it. It has the most unique and beautiful pink sad on shore which compliments the turquoise water really well. The fisheries here are damn colourful. It stays Crowded in tourist seasons but other than that you can have it to yourself. It is good for swimming as well but be aware of high swell sometimes. There are coves near as well which could be a good place to explore. The water is relatively calm and shallow here.

So what are you waiting for? Take a book, your sunglasses and some gorgeous beach wear and go for it!

(Photo sources : Google)



Who doesn’t want to wander in those high daunting mountains and steep yet beautiful alleys.

Manali is the most explored hill station because it is highlighted in various movies. Many travel agencies provide good package for the place which involves adventure sports and trekking as well.

Manali is a really beautiful place. It has the most beautiful sights and places to explore. It is sorrounded with hill tops which makes it even more intriguing to look at.

There are many famous spots and many popular things to do while your trip to Manali. But here I am , listing TOP 8 things which you shouldn’t miss when you visit there.

So here we go , let’s lose ourselves in the serenity ;


This is a long and alluring stretch of Manali. It is the most important to place to visit , add to your itinerary right away. It is located at height and you need to reach there through road only. Two of the most famous films , Yeh Jawani hai Deewani and Jab Met were shot there. It is really beautiful in nature and each and every part of it is eye catching. You can try skiing here. The snow there makes it more beautiful and you really don’t want to miss it , at any cost.


This temple is away from the bustling city. The ambience around the temple is really soothing and calm. Again , this was featured in Yeh Jawani hai Deewani movie. It is basically a shrine to a goddess. There are cedar forests all around and that just adds to its beauty. It has wooden passages and walls and has a cone shaped canopy. You’d experience the ecstacy here. After whole day of exercusion , you can come here and relax a bit. Also you can meet localities around and strike a small conversation.


Waterfalls are always a treat. They are so refreshing and beautiful to look at. Manali is blessed with such waterfalls that you won’t be able to resist. The cool air and shimmering water relaxes your muscles and you’d feel really good. One of the most famous waterfall is Jogini Falls. It is crystal clear and the aroma around is to die for. You can sit all afternoon there , water passing beneath your feet and the air gushing through your face. Also if you’re lucky enough , you can witness a beautiful rainbow above and you’ll completely be in awe of the serene atmosphere.


Monasteries are known for its peaceful and calm aura. Monks are really calm in nature and the atmosphere is complementing to it. These monasteries are a testimony to the old age traditions and spirituality. Make sure to visit these places because it will invoke inner peace and solitude in you. It will charge feelings of spirituality in you and you’d feel better in and out. Two most famous of these are The Himalayan Nyigamapa Gompa and Gadan Thekchoking Gompa. Do visit them , you won’t regret.


This ritual started back in 1997. It is celebrated to welcome new year. This carnival is held in January and it attracts tourist from all over the place to come and celebrate. The winters add the glint of snow to it and makes it appear prettier. The festivities include skiing , performances by folks , food festivals , street plays , dances , sports and much more. It is a great time to visit and experience their culture. It is lively and colourful during these times.


This place is located in Parvati Valley , 45 kms from Kullu. This place is known for its hot water springs which is famous for its healing powers. It is a religious place for Hindus and Sikhs. The hot water there is said to have special properties good for body and health. Many dieses can be cured through this water. It is quite relaxing to bath in this water because it is gripping warm and really good.


Attention to all shopping lovers , this place is for you. Manu market is an authentic and aesthetic market. It is adorned with traditional items and dresses. It is really colourful and has a tinge of boho feel to it. There are small cute cafes in the market which is good for tasting the traditional local food. Whenever you visit anywhere , atleast taste one traditional food item. This market is known for it’s hippie style and vintage location. Do not forget to bargain , don’t buy items on exact price stated.


Walk down the Mall road is really pleasurable. And it is really popular and amazing. You can go on a shopping spree here as well. It is always filled with tourists all day. The specialties of the market here is woollen items , artificial jewellery and Tibetan Artifacts. It is surely a treat to eyes. Do visit atleast once.

So here are my TOP 8 FROM MANALI. Do Let me know if you have travelled any of the places mentioned.

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Solo Wanderer is back with this really cool and aesthetic travel blog here.

There are hyped up places and there are underrated and less travelled places. And trust me , the later one is way more beautiful to explore. I always prefer to go at such places because it is really exotic and since it is undiscovered you can have the place at leisure.

So here I am , discussing top 10 underrated travel destinations which are added to my bucket list.

Make sure to add it on yours as well. So here we Goooo!

    Italy is already an exquisite place to travel. It is explored by a lot and hundreds of travellers flock in every year to see this beauty.
    There’s this beautiful less known place , Puglia , which is very beautiful but is often ignored because of other big places. The place is lovely and full of aesthetics. The peninsula attached here is stunning and you’d love to lay your eyes upon. Since it is less crowded , you can be at ease and take your own sweet time to roam around. Those who love nature , this place is a heaven for them. It has clear lakes , hill tops , caves and authentic traditional food. There are varieties of Orchids found here as well. It is also adorned with historical monuments , Italy’s piazza and what not. Also it’ is UNSECO recognised destination.
    All in all it’s a must on your bucket list.
    This one’s a gorgeous fishing town. It is a good spot for diving enthusiasts , it has a good fisheries stock and coral life is just as amazing. There are a lot of beach activities to choose from. And also the clean and soothing beach offers you to stay a bit and rest peacefully. The coral reefs are main attraction of this place. There are three known shipwrecks , namely , The Atlantic Princess , Coco and St. George. The crystal clear waters of Carribean Sea are to die for. The ambience is pretty relaxing and you could spend a day on beach without a big crowd and nuisance. It’s a heavenly abode for those seeking peace after years of hard work.
    Since Australia is known mostly for Melbourne and Sydney , this little town has its own charm. It is flooded with charms , events , live Atmosphere and a lot more. It offers best art and music fests and ravishing bar scenes. A long lunch at Adelaide Hills is a must whenever you visit there. The bars are really aesthetic and the vibe you get there is unmatched. A stroll around North Terrace is one of the attraction as well. It is a well groomed city to set your foot on.
    It is far by the less explored yet amazing destination for a good getaway. The rich culture and enriching landscapes are calling you here and I’m sure you can’t resist. You can choose various activities to do like white water rafting , mountain hiking , exploring those beautiful coast lines , breweries and wineries , it has it all in abundance. It is a sprawling city for travellers. It is way more different from any other destination and it is not so trodden. The authentic visuals of the city compel us to back our bags to go.
    This is located at the northwestern tip of Argentina in Lerma Valley. It is a thriving city known for its soulful folk music amalgamated of Spanish traditions and Argentina rural life. It is also known for its varieties of Wines and the wineries are a sight to behold. Plaza 9 de Julio is city’s square where Spanish colonial monuments are showcased. Cerro San Bernardo is a top hill which is a must visit. The view from the top is just as amazing. You go up by a cablecar and the journey to the top of it is a joyful one with a thrilling city beneath. The artisanal market has many sovereigns and craft items to take home. Also don’t forget to taste the delicious wine , it will make your taste buds go whoosh! What you waiting for!!!
    It is the best coastline of Portugal. It has the best climate , favourable for travellers. The stunning beaches and fisheries are a treat simultaneously. Also , the night life is amazing and so colorful. And side by side , the historic structures cover the cultural part of the trip. The themeparks , water parks , everything are phenomenal and you would have a good thrilling getaway at this city
    Ahmedabad is an UNSECO recognised world heritage site. It is distinguished into two halves that is old city and new city. The old city is full of cultural aspects with historical monuments , traditional markets , traditional food stalls , steep old houses and lanes and what not. And the new city is a metropolitan city with a lot of amenities and modern lifestyle. This city is quite underrated and it does deserve attention. It is hub of textile and called tomorrowland for the festival known as Navratri. It is quite vivid city with almost everything that a traveller desires.
    Croatia is known for its phenomenal aesthetic nature. And Dubrovnik is one such example of it. It is less explored but is a dream destination. It is also the place where Game of Thrones was shot for most part of it. The highlight of this place is that it has themed tour packages for travellers which would take you back in time and you’d actually experience things. Add it to your bucket list , NOW! I guarantee you won’t regret it.
    Okay who is not fond of Northern lights? Who isn’t? This place is the coldest one and it gives you the best sight of the northern lights. It is the best place to experience solitude. Those undulating mountains , pristine lakes and every natural beauty is a sight to watch. Also , northern lights is everyone’s fantasy and watching it from here would be a dream come true. But the climate is dead cold so I’d prefer you take a lot of wollen with you to stay warm. Laying down all night and watching northern lights is the best and most preferred tourist activity here
  1. CONGO
    It is the best destination for exotic wildlife and lush green forests. It is really less explored and whoever wishes for a good safari can choose this place for their next excursion. The wildlife and nature are the main highlights of the place and the greenery is a feast. The exotic animals are really interesting and the vibe is pretty decent as well. It is for those who want to go click good photographs of the wildlife species and aesthetic nature without any human manipulations.

Okaaay! So here was my top 10 underrated travel destinations. If you have found some undiscovered gems other than these , do drop in the comment section.




Rajasthan is known for its culture and heritage. The state is authentic and it has very well preserved its heritage. Here I’ll talking about the beautiful city of lakes.

// A Note : I won’t be talking about the famous tourist spots , just pieces of my experience and the less known things about it.//

Udaipur is chosen for a weekend getaway because of its exquisite heritage and those beautiful lakes. Who doesn’t want to wander in those old streets? Everything around is so aesthetic and in these times , finding something this pretty and old is a treat. You can go for an evening stroll near any of the lakes as the atmosphere is really peaceful and the sound of water just makes it perfect.

I was never fond of hill stations , till I climbed upon the Monsoon Palace and witnessed the beauty it had to offer. The landscapes from there were so pretty that my eyes couldn’t move. Sitting there , watching a sunset and the cool breeze embracing my face , it was an experience I won’t ever forget.

While talking about udaipur , first things that come into our mind is City Palace. Yes the place where many shootings have taken place and the place preserving the Gharana. I was fortunate enough to have met the Prince of Udaipur , it was a short meeting but it was a privilege. City palace successfully holds the legacy of the king and it is a huge and amazing palace. The arches and alleys are steep but intriguing. You’ll find a lot there from a historical perspective. Also , there’s this little shop in the premises which sells pichvai paintings which are famous of Nathdwara , they are intricate and beautiful. They are a little costly to buy though.

Be it Lake Pichola or Fateh Sagar , it is equally serene and a sunset boat ride there would be a refreshing part. Also one thing that I remember is , we went for lunch at this beautiful restaurant , it was at a lake side , the vibe and ambience were really good. That’s what you take from Rajasthan , the traditional culture along with you.

Wandering near the old street of Udaipur is a good feeling. All the old wrecked houses have a look to it which is irresistible. The vibe you get there is really friendly and traditional shops around is a great idea for shopping spree. There’s this Bazaar where you get all traditional and authentic things of Udaipur known was the Hathi Pol Bazaar , it consists of artefacts , souvenirs , paintings and a lot more. You can sure have a look once and get something really pretty. You get all ethnic things over there.

Now , let’s talk about the fun part , FOOOOOD. Oh , it sounds delicious. I’m gonna take you to a food ride here to the most tasty food stalls you’ll want to go to when you visit Udaipur next.

Santosh Dal Baati is one of the oldest food stall there at Suraj pol Road , it is really famous and ought to try it. Next we have is Sainath Paratha near Gulab Bagh , they are a treat. How can we forget Jagdish Chowk’s Paliwal Kachori , it is amaaazing.

Strolling near Fateh Sagar , go try Sai Sagar Coffee , I have tasted it and the taste never goes. Also the Random Tea Stalls near Rani Road , can satisfy your cravings. Hathi Pol’s Gulab Jamun are perfect , not so soft , not so hard. And Panditji’s pavbhaaji near Town Hall is so spicy and a call for everyone who smells the fragrance from afar.

While my stay there , the people I met were really conservative of their culture but were super friendly. I was really intrigued by their dialect. The traditional shops there have a wide range of attires and so colourful.

There’s this man made village , known as Shilpgram. It holds festivals every year. But even without that , you get to notice really beautiful village vibe there. And there are traditional performances taking place. They dance gracefully. It is a good experience there as well.

So this was Udaipur for me. It was lovely and a road trip would be a perfect idea to reach there.

Thaankyou to my friends who helped me to get these lovely snapshots.


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