Travel with a cup of coffee

This is going to be a personal account of why I choose to wander and not sit in a cubical. I’ve aspired to be a traveller since last 3-4 years. Travel always intrigues me because it gives you an insight of world as well as your self. I want to be a traveller and to visit each and every nook and corner that the world has got to offer. Traveling to me is a dream , which I can’t afford to let go or even break because it has become a part of me now. Till now , I haven’t really ventured out and seen , and wherever I’ve been I remember it as a blur because I was a kid then , and couldn’t understand what it offered to me.

I’ve seen many movies , read magazines and books related to travel and realised that what I feel is the world for me , is really negligible then what WORLD REALLY IS. Going through maps and finding new places to add to my bucket list , is almost an Everyday phenomenon. Travelling is not just visiting places , it is seeking something aesthetic and ultimately seeking yourself. Each place has something different to offer and it has its own perspective. You really need to have a open mind to accept whatever the place has to offer to you , it maybe an alluring sight and also harsh bitter truth. Most of the times we’re not prepared to face what the universe has to offer , we deny it , we ignore it , because maybe it isn’t matching our thinking pattern and going out of our way is not what we are used to.

Each place has a special kind of vibe to it , like , if you visit Times Square , you’ll experience all the hustle bustle and struggle to adjust but if you visit Venice , you’ll find comparatively calm atmosphere and soothing landscape. No place is same as other. Wherever I want to visit , I want to have a feel of it , visit places which are not so popular , looking at the place through my perspective but also accepting what the place is offering. I don’t want to be a usual traveller who visits particular tourist attractions and that’s it there. I want to visit less exotic places , mingle with localities , have local food and wander into less travelled streets and buy local sovereigns.

Thriving Times Square
Oh so calm Venice

Travelling to me is a way of finding the parts of me which are long lost , being a complete new human , experience most of what I could , visit exotic as well as not so exotic spots. Meeting new people always and striking a soulful conversation with them. Going on a date or two and listening to their theory of love. And accepting everything that life has to offer.

I want to travel alone , do it , for myself. Embracing myself.




Published by Prapti Shah

I am an aspiring writer. Penning my soul out here and growing day after day.❤️

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